Jimmy Fox

Since receiving his first drum practice pad in the thrid grade, Jimmy Fox has not stopped making music. And now, with the full capacity of a world class pro studio at his disposal, Jimmy makes music with a sound that is both unique and timeless. Listen on Spotify!

First recording his music to two track cassette tape, and then later on the four track, the ADAT, and finally the DAW, Jimmy has recorded in almost every format, including two inch tape.

Relocating to Boston from Miami in 1995, Jimmy began his professional career as a stage hand for orchestra performances in Jordan Hall. Then followed a stint managing the day to day at a local mastering studio.

Seven albums and two tours later, Jimmy's music spins worldwide on College Radio, iTunes, and Pandora. He's written music for short films, and produced other artists in his studio.

In addition to Jimmy's professional credits, he's provided entertainment to a wide variety of organizations from the Aids Walk to the X-Games. Played the Brattle Theater's Trailer Treats Smackdown, plus festivals in Vermont, weddings and parties, at venues throughout New England.

Jimmy has played hundreds of shows with multiple bands at legendary Boston area clubs like the Roxy, the Avalon, Paradise Rock Club(both rooms), the Middle East(upstairs and downstairs), Lilli's, JJ Foley's, Wally's, the Squealing Pig(both locations), the House of Blues(both locations), the Midway Cafe, the Milky Way, the Beachcomber, the Cantab, the Lizard Lounge, Toad, the Linwood, Great Scott, O'Brien's, and the Burren.

In New York City, Jimmy's bands have regularly gigged Arlene Grocery, Banjo Jim's, Wetlands, Knitting Factory, Luna Lounge, Maxwell's (Hoboken), and many more. Years of experience playing live and in the studio has allowed Jimmy's music to thrive reguardless of format or environment.