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Beam your sounds thru our tube mothership!

Music makes the world go around. These days, it's easier than ever to share music directly with anyone, anywhere. Like the ways we get our music, our perspective on the pursuit of sound has also evolved over the past twenty years. The variety of tunes we've created is a travelogue of our far flung journey. Add a new destination to your journey with us as your travel guide!

Sadawala Studios takes advantage of the best of old school, and the latest in modern audio; for example, our vintage Neumann m49c tube mic, as well as the modern Bock 251 tube microphone, and the Burl Audio Mothership! Connect to your sound with our custom gear configuration, featuring our Harrison 950mx console, the Old World Audio U-33, and our one of a kind Vac-Rac TSL-4. We also feature several Mercury, Retro, and Pultec tube processors, a stereo pair of Telefunken USA m260 tube mics for drum overheads, and a super old school "L" shaped echo chamber when mixing!

Explore modern sounds and effortless creativity, because as a Fruity Loops Mac Beta tester, a Drumagog Pro user, running on a HD native platform, we're seemlessly integrating analog and digital for more music! We can get those sounds you've been imaging tracked, mixed, and on their way to mastering quickly, and at the highest fidelity currently imaginable.

Together, with an extensive collection of classic guitars, basses, amps, drums, percussion, and keyboards, at Sadawala, any song can come to life instantly! Don't short change your music or be satisfied with an in the box recording or mix, contact us to tap into what tube analog, and great production, can do for you today!

Offering Personalized Guidance With:

  • Songwriting
  • Production
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Studio Musicians
  • Live Performance
Recording Have a tune but need a band? We can supply a virtual recording session from start to finish! Email us today to find out how easily we can turn the ideas you've got into a one of a kind recording with almost any instrumentation and arrangement imaginable.
Mixing Have a tune or album recorded but need a great mix to highlight the emotional impact? Have mixed stems you want sweetend with just the right analog enhancement? Send us your music and let our tube gear take you to the mothership. We guarantee you'll be stoked, and your songs will be ready for mastering!
Artist Development We can help you take your passion to the next level. The more you know, the more you grow. Give yourself the opportunity you've always wanted to put out your best recordings yet! We offer instruction for all ages and experience levels, both in person, and via video conference, in all aspects of music.


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